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Readmission Form - Admissions


This form is used by former FSB students who previously enrolled on a course and would like to request permission to be readmitted to study.  The full Admissions Policy (including the readmission process) is available on the FSB website and the Admissions Office. 

The student must submit any appropriate supplementary documentation to support there application. All supporting evidence must be submitted within this form so it can be reviewed in a timely manner.

Students who are applying for readmission will need to meet the entry requirements of the course they wish to join. 

The Readmission Panel will consider all applications on an individual basis. The student will be notified of the outcome via email.


Applications with no attached relevant documentation may not be considered.

Incomplete applications WILL NOT be accepted.

Please complete the form below;

Student Name*
Q1) Why were you withdrawn from FSB?*
Only complete this section if you have selected Attendance) in Q1
Only complete this section if you have selected B (Self Withdrawal) in Q1
Only complete this section if you have selected C (Finance) in Q3
Q2) How will you be paying for your course?*
Q3) What have you done since leaving FSB?*
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Student declaration

I declare that the information given in this form is the best of my knowledge, and that I would be willing to answer any further questions relating to it if necessary. I consent to the information being used by the Readmission Panel to come to a decision, and understand that the information will be treated with the strictest confidence. 

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